This body of work consists of a series of photographs depicting items from my domestic space. Both stacked and bundled, balanced and wrapped, the items include: clothing from my closet, crumpled paper, woven copies of husband's shirts, and paintings built as horizontal pedestals. Here, cloth items co-mingle with reproductions of my husband’s shirts, and fabric items received from friends are paired with pieces of crumpled paper painted to mimic cloth. Each configuration is carefully arranged and photographed before it is disassembled and stored. Each photograph has been tweaked dramatically in post-production, using both Photoshop and worked by hand. They are all framed with binding tape that has been hand stitched to the edges. Footnotes accompany each piece when displayed in the gallery.

A semi-fictional memoir, moonlighting as a coffee table book, moonlighting as a colouring book. It details my relationships with others as triggered by the stuff they have given me. It also is a meditation on the daily struggles I have with having Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. The line drawings of everything in my apartment are meant to be an addendum to the book.

These objects were made for the purpose of displaying and storing the fabric bundles made for Footnotes, even though I have exhibited and photographed them on their own. They are built from maple and the connector components are water-jet cut from silicone rubber. I worked with sculptor and architect David Drake and together we created a modular, flat-pack design. Each piece holds the ability to be modified instantly, and is a part system of interchangeable parts. Infinitely modifiable, these objects will potentially include: legs that can be added or removed, shelves that can be moved to suit the needs of each object, as well as inconspicuous wall mounts for the versatility of display.