Everyday Objects (Chapter 1: The Bedroom)
Animation (duration: 20 minutes)
If you are interested in viewing this please contact me for the code.
Designed for a 24 inch screen. Please do not view on a cell phone.

All of my work is made at home and it is in this space that I reflect upon the objects that occupy my surroundings. Nearly five years ago now I relocated to Toronto from eastern Washington State. My new home is not large compared to the one I left behind, yet I feel more comfortable here, in small spaces like this one. I grew up on a sailboat, and from an early age I learned to embrace the constraint of tight spaces in creative ways. As a child, my belongings were minimal and they fit into a small box. While packing up and moving across the continent, I became aware of just how much I had acquired over the years. My collection of dresses no longer fit in my closet, and the number of shoes I owned was absurd in this new city dwelling. I have spent the last few years downsizing, giving many things to new friends in need, but some items are impossible to part with, as they serve as reminders of the people I miss most. My most recently completed work, Everyday Objects (Chapter 1: The Bedroom), is a reflection of this impulse. It consists of a 20-minute narrative animation with line drawings detailing my relationship to the objects in my home.

Everyday Objects, when complete, will be a series of 10 animatied shorts documenting different aspects of my house. The project was adapted from a longer narrative I have been working on entitled Upstairs. Each animation was built entirely in Keynote and Adobe Illistrator.