View of installation at the BRIC, Brooklyn, NY, 2015 -----( click on image for more views )

Modular Forms (Pedestal Components), 2015-16
450 pieces of hand-painted maple and silicone rubber divided into
16 sets (Each containing 28 wooden pieces and 26 rubber pieces)
Dimensions variable and form infinately reconfigurable forms

Project in research/production phase, 2015-17
Architectural Consultant & Collaborator: David Drake
Fabricator: Megan Blake

These objects were designed as a modular pedistal system for the purpose of displaying and storing the fabric bundles in Footnotes. Built from maple and water-jet cut silicone rubber, each component is part of a larger system of interchangeable parts, together forming units that can be modified instantly.

Working images, 2015-16

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